Vimaloxy is a Fabric Manufacturing firm based in Balotra Rajasthan. The Company is Serving the Textile needs of the Customer since 1980. it Specialises in Rayon Fabric and Nighty Prints Vimaloxy thrives to serve the growing need of the textile industry on daily basis and be on equal footing with the latest Trends. Its focus is on Designing and Manufacturing Quality products with Longer shelf – life

“We at Vimaloxy believe in delivering high–quality fabrics and Achieving high client satisfaction through our product and services”

and this belief has able the firm to achieve brand Recognition in the market

Quality Control

Quality is of Prime Importance in any aspect of Business Customers demand and expect value for the money. As the product of apparel, Vimaloxy thrives to have a constant endeavor to Produce work of the best quality. In Vimaloxy quality control is practiced right from the initial stage of sourcing raw materials to the state of the Final finished garment .for the Textile and apparel industry product quality is calculated in terms of the quality and standard of fibers, yarn, fabric construction, colour fastness, surface designs, and the final finished garment product and therefore Vimaloxy’s specialized Supervisors keep a vigilant watch on Production

Vimaloxy is known for NIL compromise on the quality of its products. And is celebrated among customers for its Superior quality of the product