About our company

Vimal Oxy is the Complete manufacturing firm of poplin,aster & nighty print. The company has been existance. Since 1980, since then it has been working firmly in the textile world of Jasol, Barmer (Rajasthan).

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All Product are completely processed in own unit. All product of vimaloxy is being famous as V2,303,I-Ten,Oxy,Yoga & many other brand name.


Water treatment Plant

We had implemented "Water treatment plant" which purify the chemical based water and reuse it again for the manufacturing purpose,where we use such technology to process the contaminated water and re-purify to save the natural resources and reuse to creating an Eco-Friendly environment .

Industrial Water Treatment Plant following processes:
  • Pre-Treatment section comprising of Filter Assembly (Multi Media/ Activated Carbon/ Micron Filter) and Water Softener.
  • RO Module comprising of High Pressure Pump and Membrane with Housings.
  • Post Treatment per the System application

Quality Control

For the purpose vimloxy have higher technology machinery,camera & well known technical engineering. Vimal Oxy is famous for best range of colour. we maintain 440 colours regularly.we make 100 new colour every month.